This Little Boy Bawled His Eyes Out so His Mom Would Let Him Keep a Stray Cat

Lead Photo: Photo by Jennifer Reed / EyeEm
Photo by Jennifer Reed / EyeEm
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In an about 90-second video, a young boy – identified only as Andrés – cries his eyes out as he tries to persuade his mom to let him take in a stray cat. As his mom yells at him to let the cat go, he wails uncontrollably. “Nooooo,” he says. “Poor thing.” Even when his mom warns him that the cat may bite him, little Andrés refuses to let the cat down on the snow-covered streets.

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Andrés tries to name the cat, even though his mom continues to tell him that he can’t keep the stray. He puts on a strong performance, but we unfortunately, don’t get to see how the incident plays out. Check out the funny and sad video below.