Aubrey Plaza Says She Will Not Concede To President-Elect Joe Biden as Most Famous Delawarean

Lead Photo: Photo by Tommaso Boddi Courtesy of Getty Images.
Photo by Tommaso Boddi Courtesy of Getty Images.
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It looks like Donald Trump isn’t the only one refusing to concede to president-elect Joe Biden. Actress Aubrey Plaza, who was born in Delaware, recently revealed that she’s not about to give up her title as Most Famous Delawarean any time soon, even if it’s to the former vice president and one-time senator from her home state.

In 2018, Plaza was voted as the most famous person from the Diamond State in a poll conducted by Delaware Online. Although Biden will become the most powerful person in the world when he is inaugurated as the 46th President of the United States on January 20, 2021, Plaza jokes that she will always be front of mind when voters think of Delawarean celebrities.

“I will never concede,” Plaza told Remezcla this week during an interview to talk about her new film Black Bear. “I demand the No. 1 position and I will not give my reign up!”

Plaza, who is half Puerto Rican, says her standing is safe since she beats the president-elect on a technicality. Biden spent much of his childhood in Delaware, but was born in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Plaza was born in Delaware.

“I have that on him,” Plaza joked. “Were you born in Wilmington, Joe? No, you weren’t. I was.”

The Saturday after Election Day, Plaza was driving up a mountain through an unexpected blizzard when she found out Biden had secured enough electoral votes to be named president-elect. The Category 4 snowstorm didn’t keep her from celebrating the victory.

“I was happy,” she said. “I’ve never been so happy driving so dangerously before.”

She hopes Democratic Party fundraisers like the one she participated in with her Parks and Rec cast in September helped, in its own small way, push Biden over the top in “Blue Wall” states.

“Wisconsin is huge,” she said. “That was a really big win. I would hope that anything we put out there is affecting people. Even if it just makes one person show up and vote, it’s worth it. The power is in the people and the numbers. I’m gonna say Parks and Rec saved the country!”