Avocado Toast and Chocolate Collide In This Candy Bar That No One Asked For

Lead Photo: Photo by Westend61
Photo by Westend61
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The internet has undoubtedly given rise to novelty foods. While they’re all intended to make an impact on our social media feeds – because who isn’t going to linger on your unicorn elote post? – sometimes these Frankensteined creations no one asked for. Like Compartés Chocolate’s new avocado toast chocolate bar. While you may be thinking that the brand simply added avocados to make the bars creamier, you’d be wrong. Instead the California-based brand mashed up avocados + chocolate + toast in one compact package costing $9.95.

“Compartés BRAND NEW California Avocado chocolate bar is an avocado enthusiast’s dream,” the company’s site reads. “The most trendy food of 2018 gets a chocolate-dipped makeover. Creamy white chocolate blended with premium California avocados and crunchy bits of caramelized toast create a crunchy, sweet unique chocolate sensation unlike anything you’ve ever tried before! Limited edition…get one before it’s gone!”

If you have a hard time visualizing that, then you’re in luck because Food Insider has created a video showing the process. In the video, we see bits of avocado and toast dumped into a vat of white chocolate. Producer Sydney Kramer takes a bite of the chocolate and promptly says, “I hate you. This is so good.”

The treat, as it turns out, is highly divisive on Twitter.

Personally, it just made me wish I had avocado toast. And maybe a piece of chocolate. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯