Yes, There Are Custom Bad Bunny Press-On Nails & They’re Fire

Lead Photo: Photo by Rich Fury/Getty Images for dcp
Photo by Rich Fury/Getty Images for dcp
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These days, Bad Bunny is on everything – from sneakers to televised wrestling events to your favorite Netflix series. Now, you can even find the rapper in the nail salon.

In a recent video posted on her TikTok page, nail artist Vivian Xue Rahey, who is also the CEO of Pamper Nail Gallery, showed off a new set of handcrafted and reusable nail art creations. Her latest design features a portrait of Bad Bunny, along with his El Conejo Malo logo and other brand references.

“You guys are gonna love this,” Rahey says at the start of the video as she details a customized order a client made. The press-on nails her customer wanted included a “pink glitter flames” design and an image of Bad Bunny wearing heart-shaped sunglasses and sticking his tongue out. Rahey says the portrait took her six hours to complete.

“The set is turning into a Valentine for Bad Bunny,” she says. For some of the other nails that Rahey created, she painted a pink Bad Bunny logo and glossed over it to make it shiny. The nails also glow in blacklight. Rahey also printed the name of Bad Bunny’s second album, 2020’s YHLQMDLG. “We’re doing the cutest things!” she adds. “I mostly did a lot of freestyle. Wait till you see them all together!”

If Bad Bunny saw Rahey’s nails, we think he’d approve, especially since he’s sported some unique nail art before. This past October, he wore customized nails shaped like dominoes for the cover of Allure magazine. Bad Bunny has always broken gender norms, and isn’t shy about showing off his stylish nails. With Rahey’s Bad Bunny-themed press-on nails, she puts the “cute” in cuticles.