Bad Bunny Fans Went Wild for His Appearance in WWE’s 2022 Royal Rumble

Lead Photo: Photo by Chris Cornejo.
Photo by Chris Cornejo.
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Bad Bunny fans got on their feet when the superstar surprised audiences by appearing as one of the competitors of the WWE’s 2022 Royal Rumble Saturday night (January 29) in St. Louis.

The WWE’s Royal Rumble is a pro wrestling event where 30 participants enter the ring at timed intervals to fight in a battle royal-style match. Wrestlers are eliminated from the competition when thrown over the top rope and onto the floor. The last man in the ring is crowned the winner.

Benito was the 27th competitor to enter the ring. During his seven minutes and 41 seconds in the spotlight, he eliminated Irish wrestler Sheamus by himself.

He also knocked out former champion Dolph Ziggler with help from fellow Latine brawler Rey Mysterio.

In one of the most impressive stunts of the night, Bad Bunny was able to pull off a move called the “Destroyer” on a wrestler named Riddle.

In the end, the music artist was eliminated by the eventual winner of this year’s Royal Rumble, Brock Lesnar.

Sheamus was not very happy with the way things turned out for him at the hands of Bad Bunny. He posted a new profile picture the following day to show his disdain for the Grammy Award winner. Some fans wondered if this could mean an upcoming storyline featuring Bad Bunny as Sheamus’ foe.

While Sheamus was upset with Bad Bunny’s appearance, most viewers were thrilled to see the “Booker T” singer and self-proclaimed WWE superfan participate in the match.

Bad Bunny made his WWE debut at the 2021 Royal Rumble and then got caught up in a skirmish with a couple of wrestling heels who vandalized his car. With Bad Bunny getting ready to go on his 2022 tour this summer, it’s uncertain how much he’ll be able to devote his time to professional wrestling, but never count out El Conejo Malo. Wrestlemania, of course, is only two months away.