Fashion—and streetwear in particular—is woven into who we are as a community. In the Bag highlights pieces and collections we’re excited about/have no qualms about popping into our shopping bags, the work of innovators in the scene who are contributing to its evolution, and more. Here’s what’s in the bag.

In case you’ve been living under a rock somewhere avoiding the many things there are to avoid in the year of our good lord 2020, allow me to inform you that San Benito’s sophomore album is out and dominating. In addition to the videos and various social media challenges that have coincided with its release, Bad Bunny joined forces with Ugly Primo for a limited edition merch collection.

The line includes sweaters and T-shirts in Primos Studio signature style as well as pieces that are emblazoned with nostalgic ‘90s, neon, anime and skull designs. Algo para todes.

The 20-piece collection will only be available for the next 22 hours or so.

This is “STOOPID LIT,” as one commenter so eloquently said.

The rest of the YHLQMDLG collection, which includes a mask and bucket hat amongst other classic basics that sport only the title atop a clean black, is also on the site and appears to be permanent. Until his next album—tentatively due before his imminent retirement in nine months—that is.