Beyoncé Celebrates Gloria Estefan, Rosie Perez, and Others in Virgo Season Yearbook

Lead Photo: Art by Stephany Torres
Art by Stephany Torres
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It’s Virgo season, and Beyoncé is celebrating. The media mogul posted a Virgo Season yearbook on her website, highlighting celebrities who are Virgos, as well as celebrating the biggest traits attributed to the zodiac sign, so fans can have a little fun trying to tie their favorite celebrities to the attributes listed. Among those celebrities whose birthdays we should be keeping an eye on – and whose throwback pictures we get to enjoy – are Cameron Diaz, Gloria Estefan, Rosie Perez, and Salma Hayek.

Diaz, whose birthday is on August 30th, doesn’t get a baby picture, but a very recognizable one when she was a teenager. Estefan, meanwhile, looks to be elementary school-aged in her celebratory picture. Her birthday isn’t till September 1st.

Meanwhile, Rosie Perez looks about as ageless as always in a picture that makes us wish she were being cast in about 500 more things than we’ve seen her in. She’ll celebrate her next birthday on September 6th. And Salma Hayek, whose birthday is on September 2nd, is a baby caught between a smile and a scream in a picture that is memorable for the bow on her head. The star, who is set to headline Eternals in a few months, is sure to have a lot to celebrate as the year comes to a close.

Beyoncé’s little celebration might seem like a superfluous idea, particularly when connected to a zodiac sign, but as always, Beyoncé is onto something. For fans and celebrities alike, it’s always fun to pull out the throwback pictures and commemorate another trip around the sun. Particularly when the celebration is shared.

You can enjoy all the yearbook pictures on Beyoncé’s website, and make sure you know when to say happy birthday to your favorite. And happy Virgo season to all who celebrate!