Cardi B Defends Marriage with Offset After Backlash of the Couples Reunion

Lead Photo: Photo by Gotham/GC Images
Photo by Gotham/GC Images
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Cardi B is here to tell us that she’s going to be with whoever she wants to be with. As she should! Ever since Offset showed up at her 28th birthday party and she confirmed she was back with her estranged husband on an Instagram Live some have been speculating whether it’s healthy that the duo are back together. Cardi B had recently called it quits with the Migos rapper and filed for divorce.

Some fans seem to be genuinely concerned that Cardi B is trapped in a toxic and abusive relationship. After all, the reason Cardi B wanted to end their marriage was that she was “tired of arguing.” She’d also previously said she wouldn’t accept being cheated on any longer. The divorce filing stated that the marriage is “irretrievably broken” and that “there are no prospects for reconciliation.” Around the same time Cardi B said she’s “gonna always have a lot of love for him because he is my daughter’s father.”

Seems that the love between the two is unbreakable. But the “WAP” rapper is making it seem like the reconciling is really all about getting the d. During a spree of tweets on Thursday, Oct 15, she makes it clear that she’s aware she doesn’t have the squeaky-clean reputation of a Disney princess, and is fine with it. “Before I was a celeb I was crazy ass Cardi B.Same bitch ya saw on TV and on IG talkin shit and doing crazy shit .Im still that a lil bit more calm now but still the same .I don’t know why ya expect something different now.This ain’t Disney.”

In a video responding to Twitter users who are worried she’s in an abusive relationship and needs saving she said “Alright, but can I f*** him today because I need to have sex.” She also posted a video dubbed with a filter that changed her voice and appearance offering a faux apology for living her life the way everyone else does with the caption, “Im sorry. Im not perfect I don’t want to be neither.”