Cardi B Speaks Out on Mysterious Death of Lauren Smith-Fields & Asks for Justice

Lead Photo: Photo by Rich Fury/Getty Images.
Photo by Rich Fury/Getty Images.
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Cardi B is asking for justice for a young Black woman who was found dead after going out with a man she met on the dating app Bumble.

Lauren Smith-Fields, 23, and Matthew LaFountain 37, spent the evening drinking tequila, playing games, eating food, and watching a movie, according to information LaFountain gave investigators.

LaFountain said Smith-Fields became ill that night, so he carried her to her bed to sleep. He also laid in bed with her and fell asleep. At 6:30 a.m., LaFountain said he woke up and called police after he saw blood coming out of her nose and realized she was not breathing.

On Twitter, Cardi is aligned with the Smith-Fields family and their suspicions that LaFountain is allegedly hiding something about Lauren’s death. Her family, who have been vocal for weeks, don’t believe that she died from a fentanyl overdose and have been asking for a more thorough investigation.

Cardi backed the family by calling out the narrative that has been surrounding the way that Lauren’s death has been reported via news media outlets, “Im disgusted on how they spin the narrative specially because I see people saying online ‘that’s wat she gets.’”

Cardi followed that up by tweeting, “This is sooo scary!!!A fictional murderer character but in real life!! Justice for Lauren.Connecticut you have failed that young lady!!!”

According to Buzzfeed News, the Bridgeport Police Department is finally doing something about it. They’re being joined by the US Drug Enforcement Administration to investigate “the factors that lead to her untimely death.” And Police Chief Rebeca Garcia said, “Once again, we offer our sincerest condolences to the friends and family of Lauren Smith-Fields and ask that anyone with information to please contact 203 576-TIPS”

As for the Smith-Fields, they continue to fight for Lauren.

“They wanted us to forget about our daughter, their sister, our loved one,” Smith-Fields’ mother Shantell Fields told NBC News Washington. “They thought they were just going to throw her away like she was garbage, like she wasn’t important, like she didn’t have family members who loved her. We’re fighting for her.”

Smith-Fields’ brother Lakeem Jetter added, “I feel like because he’s a white guy and she’s a Black girl, they’re just throwing it under the rug.”

We hope that Lauren Smith-Fields gets justice and so does her family.