In the wake of Hurricane Maria, San Juan Mayor Carmen Yúlin Cruz set herself apart as a relentless voice for the people of Puerto Rico. On more than one occasion, she’s criticized President Donald Trump and the federal government’s relief efforts. Though most of the island now has power and electricity six months after the storm, it doesn’t mean all of its problems are solved. Between the federally appointed Fiscal Oversight Board (La Junta) and the island’s colonial status, many hurdles stand in the way. In 2020, Cruz has a chance to head the island and fight for the future of Puerto Ricans.

In an interview with Primera Hora, Cruz stated, “The answer to that question is yes… there is an evaluation process that has not closed the doors to a candidacy for governor. But it will be for something different, to transform the country. It won’t be for more of the same. It will be to create alliances, to open up new spaces…”

While the statement doesn’t qualify as a formal intent to run, it’s a more straightforward answer than she’s given in the past. Check out the rest of her interview with the publication below.


H/T Latino Rebels