With less than 100 days away from election day on Nov. 3, celebs are coming together to remind people to register to vote and encourage their community to do the same.

Many, like Eva Longoria Baston, are using the hashtag #RegisterAFriendDay to promote the movement while Lin-Manuela Miranda and Camila Cabello are sharing online resources to get people to register and inform and empower voters. Non-partisan organizations including HeadCount—which works with musicians to promote participation in the voting process—and When We All Vote—which works to increase involvement and change the culture around voting—are two popular resources. The latter launched in 2018 with co-chairs Michelle Obama, Lin-Manuel Miranda, and Janelle Monae among other high profile celebrities who are using their platform to not only get more people to the polls but also make sure they’re informed.

“We have 100 days left until Election Day in November. [When We All Vote] and [Michelle Obama] are on a mission to make sure every eligible voter is ready and registered to vote,” Miranda tweeted. Selena Gomez also encouraged her 184 million Instagram followers to register and work with WWAV to get 100,000 people to register after the organization’s initial 100k registrations.

One Day at a Time show creator Gloria Calderón Kellet and Eva Longoria Baston tweeted to encourage their followers to text FRIENDS to 26797 to register and to then tag others to do the same. Meanwhile, “Havana” singer Camila Cabello is working with HeadCount to provide registered voters a chance to win a video chat with her; winners are selected on the first of every month until Oct. 1.


“Voting is our best path to making real long term change in this country – I promised to keep using my platform to take action and make change, so I’m working with @headcountorg to help register voters and help make that happen,” Cabello shared on Instagram.

Are you registered to vote? You can visit the HeadCount voter information page to enter your information and look up your voter status, polling place and get info on absentee ballots.