Chicago Man Broke Into Cars to Bankroll His Pizza Quest

Lead Photo: Photo by Empire Slice House
Photo by Empire Slice House
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While some like their pizza with a healthy serving of tomato sauce spread over a thin crust (like me  – sorry deep dish Stans) and others rather dig into a topping-heavy slice, Chicago-area resident Dany Ortiz prefers all of them. Motivated by his love for pizza, Ortiz went on a monthlong petty theft spree trying to track down his city’s best slice. After identifying top-knotch pizza joints in the west Chicago suburbs of Berwyn, Cicero, River Forest, Oak Park, North Riverside, and Riverside, he proceeded to break into unlocked cars to steal enough change to buy a slice.

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According to the Chicago Sun Times, police first learned of the amateur burglar on July 2 after a homeowner produced footage of a man dressed in pajama pants and slippers breaking into a car. Over the following week, police received similar complaints around the area. After another Cicero resident noticed suspicious activity around a vehicle at the time of the burglaries, police successfully tracked the license plate number, which led them to the 5200 block of West 22nd Place in Cicero and Ortiz. Police found him in full DGAF mode, smoking weed on his front porch.

The department later learned Ortiz started burgling cars because he “wanted to try all kinds.” He became so serious about this mission that he started researching in May. This dedication to his quest explains why police nicknamed him the “Pizza Man.”  With this months-long endeavor, Ortiz learned that Slice Factory, 421 N. Harlem Ave. in Oak Park, has the best slice, so really, he provided a valuable service.