Christina Aguilera Stuns Internet with Flawless Snake Print Outfit

Lead Photo: Courtesy of Youtube
Courtesy of Youtube
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There are moments when you can see that fashion is nothing but wearable art with the power to transform. Christina Aguilera is one celebrity who has successfully harnessed the power of fashion as a form of self-expression.

Xtina made a splash on Instagram this week when she posted a carousel of photos of her in a snake print outfit. The outfit, which is a far cry from the latex wardrobe we have come to expect from her, is exciting her fans and the internet in general.

It isn’t often that we see Xtina rocking square-cut jeans but she knows how to make them work. The snake print top with matching gloves and sunglasses would seem to clash with the jeans. Yet, the pop star makes the two blend together seamlessly. Clearly, it’s the stunning makeup look and confidence you can feel through the screen.

The makeup was done by Etienne Ortega and looks flawless. Everything from her lips to her eyebrows are on point. It is a mug that has been beaten to perfection and we are all here for it.

Christina Aguilera’s looks over the past year have been legendary. She has found the perfect cut of her outfits to give the kind of sickening looks we all wish we could pull off. Like, who can forget the badass latex dress she wore when teasing “Somos Nada” last year? Iconic.

And her fans and the internet agree. Here are some of our favorite responses, clearly stanning the look:

And others were throwing down similar looks from other stars or that they’ve done themselves that resemble Aguilera’s look:

Who else is excited to see what the “Genie in the Bottle” singer has in store for us this year?