Dominican Twitter Has Blessed Us With 100 Million “Hotline Bling” Memes

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Never doubt my people’s resolve. Since Drake dropped the “Hotline Bling” video last night, Dominican Twitter stormed the Internet with the quickness, flooding social media timelines everywhere with gifs, tweets, and enough dubs to last you a lifetime. Not just that, I’m pretty sure quisqueyanos are also responsible for starting #DrakeAlwaysOnBeat, because Champagne Papi’s gyrating hips match bachata rhythms too well. Gotta love the African diaspora.

About a month ago, we compiled a historiography of Drake’s transformation into a Dominican papi, but it seems like he’s finally reached his full form. Just for you, we’ve collected some of the Internet’s best work. So sit back and prepare to have absolutely no chill:

When music Twitter and social justice Twitter combine forces we get true gems like the term “Dominican passing:”

Because I’ve definitely swiffered the floor to a little Drizzy and a little bachata:

Keep it PG-13 for the children before you get too wasted, Brugal Papi:

Even Complex got in on this, although Elvis Crespo’s “Suavemente” is a merengue, not a bachata. Drizzy will have to go a little harder to reach merengue levels of hype:

Even our Mexican compas realize the similarities are too real to ignore:

And finally, the Boy recognizes his true form, with a co-sign from Romeo himself. Does this mean we’re getting another collab on Views from the 6? Some bachata guitar riffs perhaps? Pretty please?

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