Do we think President Donald Trump has a translation team? Does he rely on his one year of Spanish class in grade school to get him by? Does he use Google Translate? Or does he ask his one Latinx friend to help him out with his insults? (You know the one).

Whatever the deal is, someone in Trump’s administration provided a bit of comedic respite yesterday, albeit via the most unlikely and irritating of sources. At some point in Trump’s evening tweet sesh, he decided to take a stab at Latinx immigrants. The graphic he chose to do so with, an image that looks like it was made by a first-year art school student, pictures Trump in front of the border wall with a brushstroke of blood-red and an… interesting array of words I can only assume were thrown at a wall and haphazardly pieced together, with words completely out of order.

What he was trying to say was: “No more. No more fake asylums. No more catch and release. No more illegal entry into the United States.”

We get the gist of what he’s saying, but the text is not good. I can hear my AP Spanish teacher screaming as I read this. If you’re going to try and insult and intimidate Latinx immigrants, may I suggest getting a Spanish speaker to edit and/or write your copy?

Meanwhile, here are a few A+ responses to the original: