El Chapo’s Son May Be Twitter Trolling the DEA

Lead Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Wikimedia Commons
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Since shocking the world with his prison escape this summer, the hunt for drug kingpin Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán has been on. For a hot minute, it looked like his son Alfredo Guzmán, may have inadvertently given authorities a lead, after he posted a geo-located image of himself to Twitter with two other men, whose faces were hidden by large emoticons. “Here, chilling,” he wrote. “You already know with whom.” Could Alfredo have accidentally given away his father’s location a la John McAfee-Vice fiasco back in 2012? Given that Alfredo hasn’t taken down the tweet, the answer is probably not.

But once again, El Chapo made detectives out of the Internet, because there are now new theories about where he could actually be. CNN reports that the Costa Rica in question is not the Central American country; instead, it’s supposed to be the Sinaloan town where El Chapo is from. “We’re aware of the picture that has surfaced, but we believe the Costa Rica they’re talking about is not in our country but a town in Mexico,” said Marco Monge, a spokesman for Costa Rica’s Office of Judicial Investigation. They now believe that the Twitter location was left on to basically send officials on a wild goose chase.

El Chapo escaped on July 11 from a maximum security prison in Mexico, and since then, people have reported that he was in the Dominican Republic and even as a patient in the General Hospital in Macuspana in Mexico.