Bread Companies Are Sending “El Niño Concha” Gifts After His Pan Dulce-Themed Birthday Party

Lead Photo: Art by Alan López for Remezcla
Art by Alan López for Remezcla
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Ricardo Ibarra Barrera, 4, is living in bread paradise. After requesting a concha-themed birthday party because of his love for the food staple, he went viral. His tía later revealed that the boy asked his mom for the party because he “loves conchas.” The cute story even earned him the nickname “El Niño Concha.” Now bread giants in Mexico are gifting him with lots of bread and bread-related goodies.

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Bakery El Globo offered Ricardo free conchas for a year. He can receive one free concha for a year. However, his tía, Fernanda  Barrera says that because of the remote location, it’ll be difficult to get to a bakery every day. But maybe it won’t matter since soon El Globo’s chef is teaching the young boy how to make his own conchas.

Bimbo – one of Mexico’s biggest bread brands – has also reached out to the family. Shortly after his story went viral, Bimbo tweeted at Fernanda: “Tell Ricardo that we’re on our way!” For the young boy, it was a thrilling moment. “Ricardo was very excited and when he woke up, he didn’t stop saying, ‘Bimbo’s arriving today,’” Fernanda said, according to El Universal. He received two book bags, a pencil case with coloring pencils, three notebooks, a toy truck, a shirt, a piñata, a sweatshirt – all adorned with conchas. Bimbo also invited him to tour a factory in Veracruz. And now he has a sweet photo of himself posing with the Bimbo mascot as a keepsake of this wild carb-laden journey.