40 Artists Share Their Current Lived Experience in El Museo del Barrio’s ‘Estamos Bien’

Lead Photo: From Somxs Podemx by Poncilí Creación. Courtesy of El Museo del Barrio.
From Somxs Podemx by Poncilí Creación. Courtesy of El Museo del Barrio.
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Featuring more than 40 artists from across the United States, Estamos Bien – La Trienal 20/21 amplifies and connects the voices, dreams, and lived experiences of the Latinx artists.

The series came together with the help of El Museo del Barrio’s Chief Curator Rodrigo Moura, Curator Susanna V. Temkin, and New York-based artist Elia Alba as Guest Curator. The show, which was originally planned for Fall 2020, has been reconceived and expanded in light of the current moment. Now a yearlong initiative, the exhibition debuted this summer with online projects by artists Lizania Cruz, Remezcla contributor Xime Izquierdo Ugaz, Collective Magpie, Michael Menchaca, and Poncilí Creación.

From “Se Que Fue Así Porque Estuve Allí” by Xime Izquierdo. Courtesy of El Museo del Barrio.
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Utilizing an intersectional approach to Latinx identity, the show centers the voices of artists who represent a diversity of generations, genders, ethnic, and racial backgrounds that connect by addressing issues of race and identity politics, gentrification and displacement, climate change and, of course, the particular effects the global pandemic if having on Latines and other BIPOC populations.

The digital show which will run until October 2021 and is fully accessible to the public. The projects in the collection include live performances, an interactive social platform, a photographic archive, a participatory survey and more. Xime Izquierdo’s “Se Que Fue Así Porque Estuve Allí (I Know It Was So, I Was There),” is a photography project that displays a poetic and intimate perspective of a community composed of the artist’s queer chosen family. The project features over forty images accompanied by text and audio testimonies.

In Spring 2021, the onsite exhibition will tentatively open in Las Galerías (Galleries) at El Museo del Barrio. Learn more about the program here.