Festival Marvin Gets Even Bigger And Better With New Announcements

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We were already stoked about this year’s Festival Marvin, what with Kap G, Álvaro Díaz, The Guadaloops, Algodón Egipcio etc., etc. But now we’re more excited about it, since the festival has just announced a bunch of new additions, some of which include activities by a little website you might be familiar with.

In addition to the music and comedy acts performing all over the Roma-Condesa sector of the city, Marvin have now included so much more. For starters, there’s a Film section, which will include original Remezcla material. Among our contributions are the Puerto Rico hip-hop doc Trilligan’s Island, as well as the first hand account of one of the most exciting games in Mexican football history, straight from the mouth of El Matador (El Partido De Mi Vida). Also featured will be our new series Hangin’, where we shoot the shit with brilliant artists like Buscabulla and Teen Flirt. Along with documentaries about classic indie records by Pitchfork, original reporting from Noisey, and feature-length films presented by Mexican film fest Ambulante, it should make for one of Marvin’s highlights.

There will also be conferences, and here too we’ll be presenting a lil’ something. Our Creative Director and Head of Product Development Francisco Outon will be talking about the Latino culture explosion that’s been happening for the past couple of years on the internet – its influence, implications and consequences. Other talks will feature representatives from The Guardian and Pitchfork, as well as Café Tacvba’s Joselo, and the people behind some of the bigger, more important festivals in Mexico.

And what about the music? In addition to the lineup already announced, Quiero Club, Joe Volume, and The Plastics Revolution have been added; as well as brilliant up and comers like Dromedarios Mágicos, and international talent from Spain, South America, Europe and the USA. Also worth mentioning are the Who’s Who of graphic designers contributing to the fest.

What can we say? It’s hard not to find something to tickle your fancy.