Frida Kahlo Musical Promises to Bring ‘New Dimensions’ of Icon to Broadway

Lead Photo: Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla
Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla
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As prominent as Frida Kahlo is in America’s cultural consciousness, it’s a bit surprising that the life story of the late Mexican painter has never made it to a stage as big as Broadway.

That will soon change now that a Broadway musical on the life and career of Kahlo is in development. According to Deadline, the play is called Frida, The Musical and has been authorized for production by Kahlo’s family. 

The musical’s description includes: “a full-throated celebration of Kahlo’s joyous spirit of creativity and her unmatched gift for transforming physical and emotional pain into breathtaking beauty.”

“Frida still has so much to teach us, and I am thrilled at the chance to honor her life and her work through this most expressive medium,” producer Valentina Berger said in a statement. “Her spirit is very much alive in our young creative team, who continually dazzle me with their big creative swings and mind-bending talent.”

The project will include music by Mexican composer Jaime Lozano and lyrics by playwright Neena Beber. Producers said Frida, The Musical will offer audiences “new, rarely explored layers of this most complex – and ardently Mexican – genius as it follows her journey from Mexico City to Paris and New York, and finally back home to the house of her birth for one final professional triumph.”

Producers continued: “Kahlo redefined beauty, humanity, political activism, feminism, and sexuality in her time. Through an explosion of music, alongside authentic imagery and exclusive material granted by the estate, Frida promises to bring audiences new dimensions of this sister, friend, artist, lover, and perennially relevant icon.”