Frida the Rescue Dog Honored With Statue for Heroic Work After Mexico’s Earthquake

Lead Photo: Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images Entertainment
Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images Entertainment
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When Mexico was hit with back-to-back earthquakes in September, Frida the rescue dog became a symbol of hope. The 7-year-old Marina labrador – who wore protective goggles and specialized blue booties – saved 12 people from the rubble last year. Her name soon dominated the news cycle, and by November, she had received the Pagés Llergo prize for her work during the rescue efforts. Now, the heroic canine has one more honor: a statue in her likeness in Puebla.

The sculpture was unveiled on July 19 at the Parque Ecológico. The placard reads, “Memorable symbols of the strength that Mexicans can have when we decide to unite for a greater cause.” Her trainer, Israel Arauz, is also immortalized in bronze.

Check out images of the ceremony and statue below: