Read This Little Girl’s Google Translated Note to Her Mexican Classmate and Feel Hope for the World

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While Google Translate has been the root of plenty of embarrassing moments – i.e. this Spanish town accidentally advertising its festival as clitoris-themed and possibly all of Donald Trump’s Latino outreach – one elementary school student found the best use for the online tool. According to the Huffington Post, Amanda Moore felt compelled to do something after she saw her classmate, Rafael Anaya, eating lunch on his own. She tried to speak to him, and learned that he’s still learning English. So instead of giving up, she typed up her thoughts on Google Translate and sent him a polite note.

The translation isn’t exact, but Rafael, who was born in Mexico, got the message. The two have become fast friends, and they even went trick-or-treating together on Halloween. At a time when anti-immigrant sentiments are running high, this is the kind of heart-warming story we need.

Amanda also tried her hand at reading the letter in Spanish. Check out the adorable video below:

And learn more about their budding friendship below: