Ibeyi’s Album Is the Soundtrack to This Stunning Hip-Hop Ballet

Lead Photo: Photo by Paul Kolnik
Photo by Paul Kolnik
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Fresh off their cameo in Beyoncé’s visionary Lemonade project, French-Cuban twins Ibeyi are getting another big pop culture signal boost. As Okayafrica reports, last month, the famed Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater debuted Deep, a 29-minute hip-hop ballet set to eight of the Diaz sisters’ songs. Over the soaring chorus of “Oya” and the haunting Yoruba chants featured in “River,” the company’s dancers leap across stage and dab to their hearts’ content. Though the show’s three-date engagement ended last month, a clip of the full piece is now available online:

Mauro Bigonzetti, the Italian director of La Scala Ballet, is behind the work’s powerful choreography, and Ibeyi’s lightweight vocals are the perfect companion to this experiment in modern and ballet dance forms. The twins even expressed their gratitude for the project on Instagram last month:

Check out two behind-the-scenes clips about the making of Deep below:

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