You know it’s a sad day when T. Hanks and mom are fighting. Or more precisely, when everyone on the internet is typing into their phones chanting “fight, fight, fight,” as though they’re gathered outside a middle schoolyard, begging for them to fight. A video uploaded by the official Instagram account of the already widely acclaimed Hustlers movie (you know, the one that’s gonna get Jennifer Lopez on Oscar nom), is leading to a bit of drama on this lovely Monday. In it, we see Tom Hanks, Oscar-award winning actor you may recognize from the excellent five-hour long films Forrest Gump and Cast Away), losing it when he spots the actress who portrays Ramona. “I don’t have any lip gloss” or “I need lip gloss!” he utters, followed by a question I would have loved to see someone respond to with a hearty “no!” accompanied by a sarcastic laugh. “Am I allowed to stand over there,” Hanks says before doing just that. They all seem very excited, and Hanks, respectful as ever, offers a kiss and cordial hello to every other cast member who’s present. When he reaches JLo, who’s standing dead center, he slides his hand down his right cheek before continuing his round of hellos. Finally, in true oblivious old uncle fashion, he says what I think is “Are you guys all in the same film?!”

Still, the focus of this video today and over the weekend has been the moment in which Hanks wipes his face. Is this an unfortunate case of one of 5000 cameras catching a potentially misleading angle? Was JLo’s lip gloss extra poppin’, glossy and cool? Perhaps so much so that Hanks couldn’t let it linger and wipe it off in the comfort and privacy of his dresser?

Commenters, of course, had thoughts. “How ignorant,” one named Maria Cruz wrote in Spanish. “This is how you really get to know people. What a disappointment!”

Another follower named Myrian Bustos weighed in yesterday evening with a class, “I think he was just fixing his beard. Happy Sunday to all, kisses.”

What do you think is happening here?