Justin Bieber Felt the Tulum Ruins Were The Perfect Place to Pull Down His Pants

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If you’re a celebrity visiting a foreign country, there are certain things you should never do. Like, disrespect said country’s flag. Or, you know, take off your pants at archaeological sites. On Thursday, Justin Bieber reportedly did the latter while visiting the Mayan ruins in Tulum.

Right from the beginning, Bieber was stopped for trying to enter with a beer, according to La Razón. He made his way through, and by the time he got to the first structure, he started pulling his pants down.

EFE, however, does not make mention of the supposed incident, and they say that Bieber instead intended to climb the ruins, which is strictly prohibited. Adriana Velázquez of the Instituto Nacional de Antropología in Quintana Roo said that an argument broke out between his security team and the guards from the site.

Onlookers asked the Gendermería de la Policía Federal to intervene, but she said that it wasn’t necessary because the Biebs was eventually over trying to climb the ruins. But Tulum, which has been weirdly described as the Williamsburg of Mexico, has struggled to maintain the environmental and historic heritage of the site as it continues to be a popular tourist destination.

Either way, JB wasn’t allowed to finish his tour. Though, to be fair, he’s probably just a little cray after his whirlwind Purpose promotional tour. The last few days he has been unwinding in Mexico by swimming with dolphins and taking a Jungla Maya tour.