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Mexican Scientist Sandra Pascoe Is Working to Create Biodegradable Plastic Bags Out of Nopales

REVIEW: In 'Sea of Shadows' Documentary, a Journalist Uncovers a Fishing Cartel Who's Killing the Endangered Vaquita

This Woman Who Saved Her Afro-Colombian Community's Land From Illegal Gold Miners Won Prestigious Prize

'A River Below' Uncovers the Origins of Explosive Footage of a Dolphin Killing in the Amazon

Leonardo DiCaprio Meets With Indigenous Peruvian Activist Before People's Climate March

2017's Goldman Prize Winners Include Guatemalan Land Defender & LA Latino Fighting Air Pollution

The Struggle Between Ecuador's Indigenous Shuar and the Mega-Mining Project That's Displacing Them

Xiuhtezcatl Roske Martínez and 20 Teen Activists Won the Right to Sue US Gvt Over Climate Change

The Dakota Access Pipeline Shows What Happens When Indigenous Communities Unite Across Borders

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