Kat Von D and Prayers’ Leafar Seyer have taken us into every step of their goth love through Instagram, including that time he tattooed her name on his face, so it’s not surprising that they’d use the platform to announce that they’ll soon be parents. The two used an image of themselves posing in front of a black background (natch) to break the news.

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“When I thought I had it all,” Leafar wrote. “Life gifts me with the greatest of joys! We are pregnant and having a baby boy. I love @thekatvond and I’m ready to be a father to our son, Leafar. Thank you my love, our family comes first!!!”

Kat Von D shared the same image but kept the caption relatively simple: “It’s a boy.”

The couple didn’t give any additional information about when their son was due. Regardless, we cannot wait to meet their cholo goth baby.