Latino Delegation Trades Naya Rivera After “Ethnics Showering” Comments

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Actress Naya Rivera went on the view on Tuesday and made a joke about how showering every day is a white people thing.  “I have to say I have a theory about showering, (which) is that I think that white people shower a lot more than ethnics,” is what she literally said.

This was a pretty insane thing to say, not just because it’s offensive but also because it’s so inaccurate. I have never met people who shower more than caribeños, I mean HELLO. Also, we won’t even get into how ethnicity ≠ race, and you can be both white and “ethnic.”

Anyway, unsurprisingly, people were not really feeling her joke, and it wasn’t long before folks on Twitter were trying to make Chappelle-style racial draft trades to boot Naya from Team Latinos. (Like we did back in May with Stitches).

Erika Ramirez, of Billboard, kicked things off:

Negotiations got heated from there:

Um. Pass.

Hmmm. Potentially. If it’s Justin Timberlake I’d consider it. But then:

















And that, my friends, is how you negotiate.