Laura Bozzo’s ‘Laura’ Will End in December, But She’ll Stick Around Forever

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Laura Bozzo’s almost five-year run as the Laura talk show host ends on December 31. Normally, this would be a sign of an amazing 2016, but Bozzo is not done with Televisa. Instead of working on Laura, she’ll be completely overhauling the concept of her show and developing something for her audience, or some BS like that.

“As of December 31, I will be taking a break,” Bozzo said in an interview with Circo Gómez Leyva on Grupo Fórmula. “I also don’t want to give more information, because everything gets copied. I will be at Televisa until I die, from today until the last day of my life, I am never going to leave. This is my house and the executives are my family.”

Bozzo says that though she doesn’t care about ratings, Laura‘s issues are not ratings related. She also plans to meet with Televisa telenovela producer Juan Osorio to pick his brain a little. Since July, there’s been rumors that her Jerry Springer-esque show was going to get her kicked out of Mexico because of how inappropriate it is for children. They’re not lying.