Meet Luna Magic Beauty, the Afro-Latina Owned Brand by the Frías Sisters

Lead Photo: Art by Alan Lopez
Art by Alan Lopez
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Luna Magic Beauty is a thriving Afro-Latine owned business started by Dominican-American sisters Mabel and Shaira Frías. From the very start, the sisters set out to create a brand that was inclusive and vibrant, diverse while delivering high-performing cosmetics with bold colors, and with an unapologetic multicultural style.

Founded in LA, Luna Magic Beauty is bringing together the rich culture of the Caribbean, the hustle of New York, and the glamor of Los Angeles into a dynamic brand focused on beauty and lifestyle. The company launched in 2019 and they used the early days of the pandemic to lean into their company and accelerate its growth without losing sight of why they started the company.

“Beauty is a deeply cultural experience,” Mabel told Forbes. “There are a lot of rituals around putting on makeup.” Shaira added: “Our culture is everything that has to do with vibrancy, bold colors, and being unapologetic in our color choices.” And you can see that in everything they create; from their lush floral palettes to their bullet lipstick collections and decadent fragrance oils “reminiscent of a Caribbean garden.”

The Frías sisters have partnered with big box retail stores to offer affordable and luxurious beauty products that look good on a wide range of skin tones. So far, the sisters have gotten their products into Target and CVS, making it possible for those in our communities to easily find and explore their products.

Explore Luna Magic Beauty and its range of products (bronzers, lash primers, and makeup brushes) here.