Meet Brujita Skincare, the Brand That Celebrates You From Head to Toe

Lead Photo: Art by Stephanie Torres
Art by Stephanie Torres
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Brujita Skincare is a home for all of the “misfits” normally excluded from the idealized and rigid ideals that the beauty industry often caters to with little to no understanding of the range of beautiful bodies out there. Because of that, this Latine-owned business wants to make sure that every person has access to high-quality products that take care of your beauty needs from head to toe.

Los Angeles-based Leah Guerrero founded the company in 2017 after working as an esthetician for 10 years. Since then, Guerrero’s focus with Brujita Skincare has been to be part of the counterculture in beauty by making sustainable beauty products accessible to everyone, including LGBTQ people and those part of POC communities. And she does that with her Head of Operations Yomahra Gonzalez.

Brujita Skincare is focused on making products sourcing mineral-rich clays and powders from mercados in Mexico. That includes cleansers, antioxidant-rich masks, and creamy tints that can be used as lip tints, blush, and eye shadow. Each product matches its mission to help customers embrace their bodies and take a little extra time to take care of themselves. Which we can always work on.

More than a company, Latine-owned business prides itself on being a community. Not only do they sell products with a range of bodies and communities in mind, but Brujita Skincare also works to bring people together. There is a regular blog post from Brujita Skincare highlighting different Cult Members, as they are called, and their skincare rituals offering tips and ideas to get the most out of your skincare routine.