Mexican Police Thwarted This Man’s Suicide Attempt With Tacos

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Tacos have brought cities to war, inspired Danny Trejo to jump into the culinary world, and provided fuel for the genius minds who conceptualized this hilarious commercial. Now, tacos are also being credited with saving the life of a Mexican man. In CDMX, a young man tried to commit suicide by jumping off a bridge on Ticomán and Insurgentes Norte. When police found him, he appeared drunk, and according to SDP Noticias, he felt defeated and lonely in CDMX.

After a few minutes of chatting with him, the police officers talked him down and offered him some tacos. “Yes, tacos sound good,” the unnamed man told the police. “But I don’t want people to say anything.” The police officer assured him that no one would judge him and insisted he go eat tacos with them, which is how they all ended up at taquería Gustavo A. Madero.

Check out part of the exchange below: