These Veracruz Kids Couldn’t Afford Instruments, So They Made Some Out of Trash

Lead Photo: Still via Storyhunter
Still via Storyhunter
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In Tlaltetela, 11 children, aka Los Pequeños Musical, are turning everyday items into musical instruments. A trumpet, for example, is made out a hose, a cut up two-liter soda bottle and brass couplings. They practice every day, and they are the ones to call if you need “Las Mañanitas” performed at a moment’s notice.

But perhaps the best part of their band is that it gives them something productive to do, even if the road to success is a difficult one. Unlike The Recycled Orchestra – an orchestra comprised of poor children in Paraguay whose instruments are made from garbage found in a landfill in Cateura – they don’t have a documentary following their journey, but they did get profiled by TV Azteca Veracruz. Check them out in action below while we continue to try to learn more about Los Pequeños Musical:

Apesar de no contar con instrumentos profesionales tuvieron la creatividad de hacerlos con materiales reciclados.Creditos: #TVAztecaVeracruz

Posted by Sinaloa Mp3 on Monday, November 30, 2015