MoMA PS1 Announces Warm Up 2015 Lineup & It’s Dope As F*ck

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One of NYC’s most cherished summer time festivals, the Warm Up series at MoMA PS1, has just announced their preliminary lineup today and they are packing some serious fuego. MoMA PS1 is best known for inviting artists and musicians from all over the spectrum of contemporary music, but we’ve noticed that this year is on a serious underground dance music tip. Here are the dates that have really caught our attention:


June 27

Kompakt Records leans more on the side of minimal techno and bleepy-bippy kinda house, but we’re curious to see what Pachanga Boys have in store. One’s from Mexico City and the other is from Berlin, but together they’ve got a brand of music they’ve coined ‘Hippie Dance,’ which is sure to inspire free-spirited dancing, but without the white boy dreads and patchouli. Joining them is Eclair Fifi, Samantha Urbani, Amnesia Scanner, and Black Madonna.

July 4

NYC local legend Bobbito Garcia joins the Warm Up lineup this month with another local legend: Nicky Siano. The two are pioneers of NYC’s dance music history, with the former being a Rock Steady Crew member and the latter being a former resident of Studio 54. Joining them this night are Virgo Four from Chicago, Galcher Lustwerk vs DJ Richard, and the Cut Copy DJs from Australia.

July 11

This one looks like an almost-official Night Slugs showcase. The UK record label is one of the first to promote a brand of club music that is now ubiquitous in NYC and London clubs alike. Lots of producers have tried to imitate them or draw inspiration from them, but you can’t beat the original. This night features sets by Bok Bok, Jam City, Helix, Despot, and newcomer/unknowner Sheen. Additional artists are set to be announced soon.

August 15

Who Are Ninos Du Brasil? Here’s what we know: the DFA recording artists are not actually Brazilian, but Italian. They have a penchant for something they call Electro-Batucada; an electronic interpretation of the substyle of samba and African influenced Brazilian percussion. Joining them is artists like dubstep pioneer Untold, Vessel, Cut Hands, and a back to back set between French DJ’s French Fries and Bambounou.

August 29

Remezcla favorite Matias Aguayo will be throwing down a DJ set on August 29th with a group of other artists currently paving new paths in electronic music. Fade to Mind label head Kingdom will spin this night, plus he’ll be joined by Dawn Richard aka D∆WN for a special live performance. They’re rounding out this night with dancehall/grime fusionist Murlo and KUNQ/Island Industrial producer False Witness, who will be showcasing their respective styles of dance music. Additional artists are set to be announced soon.