Porter Rumors: Breaking Up? Coachella?

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Sources in Mexico City tell us that Guadalajara-based wunderkids Porter are breaking up after only four years together and two impressive albums (2004’s Donde Los Ponys Pastan and last year’s Atemahawke.)

Reason is they’re going to dedicate themselves to school (they’re like 20 years old!) and solo projects, but we’ve also heard from many people that singer Juan Son, although talented is a DIVA and impossible to work with.

Porter has performed very few dates in the US, most recently in Los Angeles in October.

However, in Mexico is denying they’re breaking up for good but rather taking a break, says guitar player Fer. And the band MIGHT play Coachella along with other Mexicans Austin TV and Cafe Tacuba. We’re waiting for Coachella peeps to post the lineup already!

(ALSO: Coachella organizers will produce an “East Coast Coachella” titled All Points West Music and Arts Festival in Liberty State Park, New Jersey to be held August 8-10 2008, pendientes a eso!)

Fans in Porter’s MySpace page are already crying, but we won’t believe it until we see it!
Nacional Records was supposed to release the band’s albums Stateside.