Proyectos Unidos Mexicanos Will Bring the Best of Mexican Design & Art to NYC

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There’s no doubt that the Mexican people deal with drug-related violence, corruption, and government instability on a daily basis. Facing these hardships, many creatives are left feeling helpless and confused about how to make sense of such a tough situation. In the film world, directors wonder how their work should contend with these issues. Proyectos Unidos Mexicanos, a project undertaken by Mezcal Unión in collaboration with La Lonja MX and Salón ACME, navigates Mexico’s political turmoil by embracing “one of the most creative, effervescent, and cultural chapters” in Mexican history. The initiative will bring Mexican creativity to some of the world’s largest artistic and cultural hubs, starting with New York City this weekend. In the future, PUM will showcase young Mexican innovators in food, music, and architecture. This weekend, the Wythe Hotel will be home to 40 designers and 19 artists showcasing the best of Mexico’s creative diversity in fashion, art, and design. If you’re in New York, be sure to check out the open house this Saturday and Sunday.