Saint Frida and The Peralta Project Team Up on Frida Kahlo Pin Collection

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Saint Frida, a compendium of all things Frida Kahlo, has teamed up with Tony Peralta, another Frida enthusiast, to offer 200 pins inspired by the iconic artist. Starting Thursday at noon, Saint Frida x The Peralta Project will launch in celebration of the opening of Peralta’s exhibit ROLOS + ICONS, which depicts Latina heroines – Celia, Wonder Woman, and Selena, among others – with their hair up in rollers (a look you’re probably familiar with if you’ve ever set foot in a Dominican salon).

“I hope to make these figures more relatable and provide young women of color the opportunity to see themselves in these characters,” Peralta told VIBE Viva in an interview about the project.

The Saint Frida x Peralta Project collab will include two different pins (100 of each) featuring Frida’s mug. Each costs $20, and if past Frida sales are an indication, these will go quickly.

Cop them here and here, and stop by the ROLOS & ICONS show to see more prints: