Trademark Filings Suggest the Quintanillas May Be Launching Their Own Selena Beauty Brand

Lead Photo: Art by Alan López for Remezcla
Art by Alan López for Remezcla
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Two years ago, MAC dropped a limited-edition makeup line that paid tribute to Selena. The 13-item collection featured three lipsticks – including one titled Como La Flor, which was an exact color match to the signature red La Reina wore – lipgloss, and blush. Now, it seems more Selena-inspired makeup is on the way – but this time MAC’s not behind it. Instead, it seems the Quintanilla family is the driving force behind this new line.

As The Blast first reported, Selena’s dad, Abraham Quintanilla, filed to trademark the name “Selena Vive.” The trademark, filed on December 13, 2018, covers body and beauty care cosmetics, compacts containing makeup, lipstick holders, makeup sets, nail polish, eye makeup and other beauty-related products. On that same day, Quintanilla also filed a trademark for Selenaville for the same purpose.

There’s no word yet on what will come of this (though I may already have high hopes for red lipstick), but if it’s anything like the MAC collection, then Selena’s sister, Suzette, may play a big role.