Two Sisters Fired For Making $30K Worth of Phone Calls to the Dominican Republic From Work

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Between January 2010 and August 2011, sisters Wanda and Werfy Fernandez were living it up. The two racked up nearly 200 hours of international phone calls to the Dominican Republic – all on their job’s dime. The pair worked at a Camden County agency, and ended up costing their job an extra $29,000 with their personal phone calls. Though, Werfy did most of the calling, clocking in at 147 hours at $22,500.

Their work paradise came to an end in November 2011 when county officials sent them home without pay, and later fired them, according to the Courier-Post. The sisters tried to argue that the firings were “excessive and unfair,” but on Tuesday, a two-judge panel upheld the county’s decision to dismiss them. The court ruled that the sisters “spent many hours making personal international phone calls on work time, using the employer’s telephones” instead of focusing on clients that needed help.

And I know it sounds bad, but at least they showed up to work. A dude in Spain didn’t show up to work for six years, and continued to cash in his checks.