Snitch on Environmental Criminals in Costa Rica With This New Feature

Lead Photo: Sloth in Manuel Antonio National Park, Costa Rica. Getty Images
Sloth in Manuel Antonio National Park, Costa Rica. Getty Images
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Costa Ricans will now be able to more seamlessly file denuncias against people who commit environmental crimes. In an act of lean generosity, the United States donated $16,000 towards the cause. A new feature on the website will allow for traceability to the environmental crimes of fauna (animals) or flora (plants), according to a statement released by the Ministerio de Ambiente y Energía (MINAE).

In case you are wondering, environmental crimes include contamination, sand removal in beaches, sedimentation in bodies of water, inappropriate vibrations, sounds, and more.

Complaints can now be made via phone or website.

Costa Rica makes up 6% of the Earth’s biodiversity and about 4.7% of the known marine species worldwide. It is amongst the 20 richest countries in terms of wildlife, and they mother their slice of the earth well. Protected areas, reserves and national parks are in place to protect their plants and animals.

“To make conservation goals a reality, it is essential to improve the control and protection of wildlife,” said Haydée Rodríguez Romero, Vice Minister of Aguas y Energía of MINAE, according to The Tico Times.

For a good part of the last decade, Rodríguez has been a staunch advocate for access to clean water and the protection of wildlife.

Now you, too, can be a part of actively protecting our environment by way of the (sometimes very necessary) act of snitching. If only this were a thing in New York, where I unfortunately see people litter constantly on the highway, with no consideration for our wildlife (rats, etc).