More than 100 Million Pounds of Mexican Avocados Will Get Eaten on Super Bowl Weekend

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There’s never been a more necessary time for an avocado emoji. Come this weekend, there will be as much as 139 million pounds of avocados consumed in the United States – making the Super Bowl the biggest day for guacamole in the U.S.

Avocados don’t have quite the same level of popularity as chicken wings, a.k.a. the No. 1 Super Bowl super food, but grocery stores are stocking up, according to Cronkite News. Last year, there were 120 million pounds of avocados sold for the big game. Danny Mark, produce manager at Los Altos Ranch Market, said that for the 2015 Super Bowl his Phoenix supermarket saw a 26 percent increase from the previous year.

Cronkite News credits the health benefits of avocados for the increase in sales. In some cases, guac is even replacing salsas. “There is more interest in guacamole and avocados,” said Irving Rodriguez, owner of Así Es La Vida restaurant. “Case studies show all the good qualities that avocados have to offer, so it makes sense to make more guacamole.”

While we’re eating guacamole by the buckets, Avocados From Mexico will take its delicious avocados to space in this year’s Super Bowl commercial. Check out the $4.5 million spot below: