This Mexican Grocery Store Has Gone Viral for Its “Asupichimaye” and “Sanababish” Salsas

Lead Photo: Photo by alisafarov / iStock / Getty Images Plus
Photo by alisafarov / iStock / Getty Images Plus
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If you have yet to come across Super Carnicería La 18 salsas, then you’re missing out on some truly brilliant marketing. Called La Mejor Salsa del Mundo, the Matamoros grocery store is churning out sauces with hilarious names, including “Sanababish,” “Asupichimaye” and “madafaker.” (That’s son of a b*tch, a su pinche madre or motherf*cker, FYI.)

The grocery store has sold the sauces for 10 months, but the products have recently gone viral online after making the rounds online. It turns out that Super Carnicería began selling the salsas because owner Juan García didn’t see enough store-bought sauces that didn’t include preservatives. So he set out to package the salsas he and his family have always made. When it came time to market them, García knew the salsas needed to make a statement.

“It had to catch people’s attention,” he told Verne. “These are words that my father said. He worked some time in Brownsville, but he didn’t know any English. People laughed at him and the other thing he knew how to say was ‘madafaker’ and ‘sanababish. I felt that [with these words, our sauces] would make a bigger impact.”

Necesito probar esas salsas jajajjajajajajaj

Posted by Veronica Gonzalez on Monday, August 5, 2019

And it seems, García was right on the money. The grocery store makes hundreds of sauces a week and sends them to other parts of the country as well.