We’re Finally Getting the Taco Emoji We Deserve

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As others scrutinize the upcoming iOS 10.2, our decision to update almost entirely hinges on the new emoji selection. While we’re not getting the empanada/pierogi/potsticker/dumpling emoji this time around (maybe for the Unicode 10 update), we’re finally getting an avocado emoji and even one that I’m going to use to fill in for arroz con pollo. But these 72 new emojis might still end up overshadowed by the taco emoji.

The release of iOS 10 brought more realistic looking emojis – a trend Unicode isn’t abandoning anytime soon. Because of that, the taco emoji has undergone a makeover. Unicode took it from its Taco Bell origins to a respectable carne asada taco. Gone are the tomatoes and cheese that have no place in tacos, with cilantro and onion occupying its old place. The tortilla is also no longer a crunchy one.

As LA Tacos also points out, the burrito also got an update and no longer resembles a sad wrap. “[It’s] now pretty clearly modeled on the Mission burritos in Apple’s backyard, rice, beans, foil, and all,” according to LA Tacos.

It looks like the only thing that’s suffered from Unicode’s updates is the peach emoji. Previously everyone’s go-to booty emoji, it now looks much more like the fuzzy fruit.

A beta version of 10.2 is now available, but there’s no word yet on when the final version will be ready.