Tecate Light Showed Me the Lux Life I Should Be Living

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With America nowadays being pretty much a Mexico Light, Mexico’s favorite go to beer, Tecate, is focused on making its Tecate Light the beer of choice in the Southwest. And thanks to the good people over at Tecate Light, your boy was identified as a K00L KiD ™ #INFLUENCER and shown a glimpse of the life I swear I should be living already – a.k.a. riding around in choppers and eating luxurious things. (Actually, the real influencer had too much real influential work to do and blessed me with the opportunity).

So last week, I got scooped up in a private black cab and taken on a helicopter joy ride around Manhattan, followed by dinner at the very rare, super hard to get into restaurant, Cosme. It’s a tough life, but I did it for the Vine.

Industry circle jerking aside, I fucks with Tecate Light because I know that’s what my cousins and familia are drinking back home in Culiacan, probably right now as you’re reading this.

In short, expect to see a lot of advertising for Tecate Light on all your technologies. Sometime around June, they plan to turn up someone’s party using their hashtag #BornBold so keep an eye out for that.