Televisa Reinstates ‘ATM’ Hosts As It Investigates On-Air Sexual Harassment Scandal

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After Tania Reza loudly insinuated on Facebook that Televisa made her say she was complicit in an ATM segment in which she was groped and sexually harassed by co-host Enrique Tovar, the biggest television company in Mexico realized it couldn’t sweep this incident under the rug.

On Tuesday, Televisa announced that it would further investigate whether or not the clip of Tovar inappropriately touching Reza was a hoax cooked up by the two or if it was, in fact, sexual misconduct, according to El País. It seems like maybe they should have investigated before they released a press release that shifted the blame to Reza and discredited her…but ok.

Because Televisa now feels it doesn’t have a definitive answer as to what exactly went down, they have also decided to reinstate both Tovar and Reza.

La Secretaría de Gobernación condemned abuse against women, and they along with the Comisión Nacional para Prevenir y Erradicar la Violencia Contra las Mujeres fully support Reza should she decide to file a complaint with the prosecutor’s office of Chihuahua.