Vamos to Victory is a month-long series in which President Donald Trump pledges to acknowledge “the accomplishments the Trump presidency has made for the Latino community.” What are those exactly? I know not. Pero he kicked off the self-praise parade last week and is committed to seeing it through. With the 2020 election lurking around the corner, this is more an effort to reel in Latinx voters and invite them to sit on his side of the wedding (plus clean his tainted image) than a celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month (which is what his team claimed, and outlets echoed).

But are we convinced that this is in fact the case? According to a Univision survey conducted earlier this week, 19% of registered Latinx voters intend to vote for Trump in 2020. On the other hand, 59% believe that this Vamos to Victory campaign is BS, or rather que “no, Trump no lo toma en serio.” 26% believe he does.

In 2016, Latinos represented 12% of all eligible voters. That number has likely increased, as made evident by the number of Latinxs who voted in midterms, with many of them voting for the first time. In 2016, 57% of us were significantly dissatisfied by the direction the country was going in. I suspect that number has all but decreased. Not sure how out-of-touch el señor Trump thinks we are, but he’s made it very clear how much he is. Again, someone please tell this man to get a Spanish-speaking person on his team. (Kidding, please don’t – he’s notoriously horrible to Latinxs workers. Plus, we deserve to at least laugh through this.)