Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and Customs and Border Protection (CBP) have wreaked havoc on immigrant communities. With deaths happening under their watch and inhumane conditions at facilities, there is a lot to take issue with how undocumented immigrants are treated in this country. Given all this and in light of the DHS funding bill markup in the House Committee on Appropriations, United We Dream decided to lay bare how the agencies have hurt immigrants. Today, the organization launched the ICE and CBP Abuse Tracker, which looks back at the human right abuses that ICE and CBP have been responsible for the last eight months.

“This moment is timely and urgent to release our Abuse Track as Congress gets ready to debate how much more money to give to ICE and CBP,” said Sanaa Abrar, United We Dream’s advocacy director, in a statement. “With all the evidence the website has collected and through our organizing work, immigrant youth of United We Dream have made it clear: ICE and CBP need NO more money.”

Broken up by months, the tracker links to articles that shine a light to exactly how ICE and CBP are hurting families, who is benefitting from the detention of immigrants, what happened in the aftermath of family separations at the border, and much more. Check out the tracker here.