Villano Antillano & Jean Paul Gaultier Push Boundaries & Fashion in Stunning Photoshoot

Lead Photo: Photographer: Jesus Leonardo.
Photographer: Jesus Leonardo.
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Jean Paul Gaultier has a long history of pushing boundaries with his fashion and models. His most recent project was dressing trans, nonbinary musician Villano Antillano for a feature in ICON – El País, the men’s magazine of El País. The musician, who rose to fame after collaborating with Bizarrap on ‘Music Session #51,’ is now set to release their debut album La Sustancia X.

Like so many LGBTQ+ people, fashion transformed Antillano’s life at a young age when they first stepped into their mother’s closet. According to their interview with ICON – El País, seeing their mother’s clothing gave them a chance to start to express themselves in a new way. Finding something forbidden also encouraged Antillano to really explore the world of fashion and that journey eventually led them to Gaultier as an adult.

“My first contact with the brand was during the São Paulo Pride,” Antillano told ICON – El País. “We had an amazing time. I felt very comfortable. And here I am, collaborating with them. It’s amazing, as you would say in Spain.”

Gaultier has never shied away from leaning into his connection to the LGBTQ+ community and highlighting queer talent wherever he finds it. The brand’s resurrection last year, a year after Gaultier announced his retirement, was nothing short of a fashion world holiday. The fashion bad boy had created a brand synonymous with pushing boundaries of fashion, gender, and sexuality with his haute couture looks and ready-to-wear outfits.

The brand’s legacy lends itself perfectly to introducing Antillano into the coveted class of Gaultier models. As someone who is breaking barriers and pushing boundaries in the Latine music world, Antillano is a perfect example of the brash brand built by the famed French fashion icon.