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Visual Artist Ricardo ‘It’s a Living’ González Will Show You How To Easily Make Art on Canvas To Spark Your Creativity

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In these trying times of constant stress during lockdown, creativity might be a key to escape mental exhaustion. For those of us that have been forced to take our work home, the constant demands of our day to day has probably drained us of our concentration and creativity, creating perpetual dullness. Now more than ever, we need outlets to let off steam and spark creativity to our lives again.

To help us do so, Juice Monster has partnered up with many Latinx artists for Sácale Jugo, a series of free short-form tutorials on activities we can do at home to escape from everything else going on in our lives. For the second video in the series, Ricardo “It’s a Living” González will teach us how to make a work of lettering on a canvas.

Born in Durango, Mexico and currently living in Brooklyn, González specializes in visual work that prominently features calligraphy that recalls both formal lettering and street-level graffiti. In this video, Ricardo will teach you how to spark the initial burst of inspiration and work it into a full sketch; then, he will show you how to take that sketch into the canvas. By showing his process, he eliminates the intimidation factor of working with these types of tools to make it a fun and easy to do activity.

Once you’re done, you might want to check out the other video where collage artist and photographer Broobs teaches you how to make a project that mixes both his disciplines.

Make some art, save your brain!