Watch George Lopez Parody ‘SNL’ As Donaldo Trumpez

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George Lopez has once again suited up as Donaldo Trumpez for Funny or Die. This time, Trumpez hosts Noche de Sabado en Vivo, a Saturday Night Live parody that features Trumpez, Donald Trump‘s Mexican counterpart, as Humpty Dumpty. The skit pokes fun at the fact that the real Trump has fallen behind Ben Carson in the polls, and calls out the NBC show for inviting Trump to host the November 7 episode.

“There was a time when I could call our leaders stupid and let people know I could fix any problem without any explanation and no one would question me,” Lopez as Trumpez said. “There was a time when all I had to do was call a foreigner a rapist, or refer to a female candidate as ugly and the whole world would cheer…. But now, nobody loves me anymore.”

Unfortunately, the Trump love affair has not ended in the U.S., and despite people pressuring SNL to drop Trump, they are moving forward with the show. John Leguizamo recently spoke up and said he would boycott SNL for allowing the hatemongering Trump on the show.

Lopez previously dressed up like Trompez in September. Watch the clip here.